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1.it was a very cold day and the wind was really cold too.

2. Lightning hit that tree six months ago.

3. Don’t sit out in the sun for too long you’ll burn

4. Gosh! What was that noise ? I think it was thunder

5. It’s much too hot to go for a walk at the moment

6. It didn’t rain heavily — it was just a shower really.

And now for today’s forecast. In the London area the weather will be warm with temperatures of around 18 C. Although the sun will shine for a while we can expect some strong rain this afternoon. And that will make it feel quite cool.

Further north in the Birmingham area, things won’t be too good, I’m afraid. After last night’s thunder Birmingham is going to be very with an expected high of about 14 C. But no more rain and thunder today at least and finally, in Scotland it will be sunny for part of the morning then ……… later on. But not snowing like it was yesterday. Fortunately, so the fog clears

1 I play the piano badly, but I can sing quite good

2 She talks very loud ,It’s often difficult to hear her.

3 They missed then train because they arrived late

4 If you want to pass your exam, you need to study hard

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