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  1. There was fruit on some trees but she did’nt eat it — b.she knew it was too dangerous.

2. At night she stopped to sleep — c. it was too dark to walk

3.She swam in the river beacause -a.the water was too deep to walk in.


1 I cant watch the rest of the film. I am too tired! So i am going to bed

2 Its an to go swimming today.Well freeze!
3 Grandma doesnt want to come to party.She says she’s too old for parties and dancing!

4 I want a new mobile phone but they are too expensive.I dont have that much money

5 I didnt like the film- it was too long.I only like short films

6 He didnt answer any of the questions.They were all too dumbs.


I think tomorrow will be a sunny weather cause thesse two days were too rainy and too windy.

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