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What will life be like one hundred year from now? I don’t know,of course.But this is what I think Will happen.

First i think that computers will be much important in our lives.

There we»ll recycle any televisions or DVD players or things like that.
I think all those things will be part of a computer.

And everything in our house will be controled by computers. I believe scientists will learn computers talk and think,just like people.

Thats scary!

Also therre won»t be any pollution.Goverments will find ways to stop pollution and wont be everything.

Finaly,I think that there wont be any schools.Some people say teachers will be robots in the future but I dont think thats true.I think kids will find at home, using their .They»ll do everything online.

Thats what i think about life in the future. I think it»ll be very different but very exciting!

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