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Coffee has become the most expensive food in the world this year. At the beginning of December, the price of coffee was $ 2.33 per pound. This is the highest price since 2011. We learn about this from fortune.com news.

According to the news, due to low yields and delays in supplies, market tensions will continue until 2023.

The rise in prices for coffee in this way is due to several factors. For example, global disruptions in transport chains, as the granulation of grains, that is, the production of them for sale, often do not occur in the country where the production is located. In addition, coronavirus cases are on the rise in other major producing countries, such as Vietnam, the world’s second-largest coffee exporter. Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency amid escalating clashes between rebels and government forces.

It is still unclear what impact it will have on the Armenian market, and when oriental coffee lovers in our country will feel the rise in prices. But one thing is obvious: 95-96% of our citizens are coffee lovers. Drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day.

«We especially drink oriental coffee with ground natural beans, which is much more useful than any other type of coffee and has almost no harmful properties.

About the usefulness of coffee

Coffee has been considered one of the best foods in the last decade as an antioxidant and regulator. «The claim made at the time, or written in Soviet textbooks that coffee raises blood pressure, is not true, but on the contrary, coffee regulates blood circulation because it activates the metabolism.

According to the food consultant, experts do not single out coffee as a dangerous food, but on the contrary, it is on the list of effective foods. «We do not consider the addiction to coffee to be a pathological addiction, it is the same as tea and milk. Coffee does not belong to the category of addictive drinks or cigars. «In many cases, it is desirable for a person to ‘make friends’ with coffee, because he considers it a problem-solving product,» he notes.

Coffee has a significant role in regulating blood pressure and salt water balance in the lives of sedentary people. is a method of not accumulating fluid and releasing it quickly.

Coffee has no harmful properties if used in sufficient quantities. It will be dangerous if it is abused.

At the same time, the observer observes how any food, including coffee, can naturally have a certain adverse effect.

Harmful effects that can be caused by coffee abuse.

Excessive coffee consumption can have a detrimental effect on people with gastrointestinal diseases. Due to its mild bitterness and the presence of sharp essential oils, it can have an irritating effect on the gastric mucosa. Large doses of coffee are also not recommended for people with nervous system problems.

For people who have insomnia or severe neuroticism and use sedatives, coffee can have the opposite effect, becoming a stimulant and activator, due to which the person may not feel the maximum effectiveness of the medication. Because coffee has a single-channel property, when used in large quantities, it is possible to have a decalcifying factor in the body due to the rapid secretion of fluid.

Consuming more than 20 grams of coffee a day (about 4-5 cups) can be like that. But here too it is very individual. For example, if the user is a small 18-year-old girl and a large man over 30, then, of course, the effect may be different. «

At what age can you drink coffee?

As coffee has a tonic, activating effect, it is not recommended for very young children to use it. «As children get an education, they need to go to bed early and wake up early, so coffee has an additional irritating and activating effect, which is not desirable,» — coffee consumption is desirable from 16-17 years.

It’s just that if people drink coffee more often and in larger doses, it’s a good idea to include calcium-rich foods in their lifestyle, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheese

The nutritionist has denied the widespread claims that coffee has a harmful effect on pregnant women, noting that coffee is not contraindicated for pregnant and nursing mothers, of course, if there is no intolerance to a particular food in the body. «If you notice that your child has lost 1-2 cups of sleep, increased activity in a strange way, then you can already think about reducing the dose,» advises the specialist.

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