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1 B: I wait for my sister.She was buying something in a shop

2 A: Who were you talking to when i phoned you?

B: It was my brother. He told me about a film he saw on TV.

3 A: Did his parents lived in England when he was born?

A: No. They lived in Paris. His father worked as an architect.

4 A: Did you watch TV when I called last night?

B: No. I wasn`t i was reading a magazine

5 A: Who was with you lunch with when I saw you yesterday?

B: With Jane. She`s a friend of mine. We were talking about you!

6 A: Would you play tennis yesterday afternoon?

B: No, I wouldnt tennis, I will do my homework

7 A: What were they wearing for school yesterday? Their school uniform

B: No, they didnt wear their school uniform, they were wearing jeans and T-shirts.

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